Jul 3, 2008

At Home With Sig: Balcony

The next few posts are for the fashionistas out there. I've picked a few outfits that I find interesting, and which I have bought during my travels as a fashion writer. I really do wear some of the stuff I write about, so when I say I love a designer, I'm not doing it as a way to score free clothes. Chance would be a fine thing. In fact, it would be fair to say that one of the reasons I write is so I can afford to buy the very things I write about! That's either a vicious or a virtuous circle, depending on your point of view (or level of cynicism).

I shot the pics around the house so you also get a peek at where I live. If you really like the kitchen, let me know because Mony, who designed and built it, would be happy to sell you a set!

Back to the clothes. Two basic items to mention are hair and glasses. My hair is from Armidi and came as a pack of four blond options: Blond, Pecan, Harvest, and Honey. In fact, I have become so attached to this hair both literally and stylistically that I have had no luck finding a new one. The second basic item are my glasses - a pair of Lunies from PrimOptic. you can change the frame and lens colors so I can endlessly tweak them to work with different outfits.

The jacket is Armidi's Moto Leather Jacket in yellow. It has prim sleeves, waist, and collar, so you can do a lot of adjustments to get it to fit just right. I paired it with an old pair of black jeans from Lissa Maertens' Cattiva e Cattivo range. I don't think you can get these any more so they are now officially "retro" or "limited edition."



Cattiva e Cattivo

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