Jul 7, 2008

At Home With Sig: Lounge

Sometimes I like to kick back and watch TV. We have a cool lounger with some poses, on of which you can see in this picture.

The jacket is from Hoorenbeek and comes as an alpha-transparent version for mix-and-match or as a combo with a sweater and shirt. This gray one goes well with a range of colors, and in this instance I combined it with a shirt from Simone's Style Starts Here. She has a number of vertically striped shirts like this in different colors. The open collar is not symmetrical so provides interest to an ensemble.

The jeans are Acid Night from Cattiva e Cattivo, perhaps my most frequently worn pants. They are bottomed off by a pair of dark brown casuals from Redgrave, and like Simone's shirts these too come in different color options.


Style Starts Here

Cattiva e Cattivo

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