Jul 8, 2008

At Home With Sig: Kitchen

The shirt here is from Muism and is a deep red silk with prim cuffs. You can edit these to get the perfect fit. YOu also have the choice of this rolled sleeve version - where the prims are essential - or a long-sleeved option where you can get away without them. I prefer the rolled sleeve but it's your choice.

The pants are black jeans that came from Lissa Maertens' Cattiva e Cattivo, which was still there when I TPed a few weeks back. Sadly you migh tnot be able to find these pants that were part of a collection of denim. I have to say I either wear these or the Acid Night dark blue ones.

The shoes are my dark-brown casuals from Redgrave, a store that I could easily ransack for almost its entire content were it not for the small point that I can't afford it. Redgrave stuff is not cheap but worth every penny.


Cattiva e Cattivo


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