Jul 14, 2008

Sale @ Simone!

On Saturday, Simone Stern offered all her clothing for no more than L$200. With such bargain prices, it was too tempting an offer to turn down, so late in the evening, I headed for the Simone! store to see what I could find.

First up was a dark blue deep-plunge open-fronted shirt called the "Don Juan." Mony spotted it and said "buy that," so I did. Here you see it with my Muism pants and gift from Ben Vanguard - the dog tags.

My SL sister, Merry Felwitch, arrived with a giant pumpkin on her head, which was all the excuse Mony needed to don her cardboard box head. Fortunately, they left me in the men's section to go check out women's stuff. I believe Merry spent L$2000 - like Mony, she also seems to believe that God sends people to hell who have small inventories.

I found a summer suit designed by my friend Lissa Maertens. It's a pale-blue pinstripe that includes a shirt, ties, and even prim ties that flap around when you walk. It's the closest I have found to a seersucker suit and for L$200 I couldn't resist.

The suit also looks OK with a less formal open-necked shirt or T-shirt. I'm wearing it with my Redgrave black shoes but a pair of white shoes might work. Guess I have to go shopping. Again.

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