Jul 28, 2008

New Jackets from Hoorenbeek

There was a sale at [hoorenbeek] this weekend and for less than L$1000 I picked up a fat pack of suede jackets. In the picture below, I am wearing the brown jacket in its open form. The jacket has alpha layering so you can wear things under it. In this case, I have a black Mythology tank top, on of four free tanks from the store. I'm also wearing my current favorites from Muism, the striped beige pants.

Next I slipped on the beige jacket along with a pink V-neck that came as one of many freebies in a goodie bag from Valiant clothing, which is currently closed as the owner moves to a new sim. The jeans are a pair I got as freebies when I first entered SL and are on of the few original items still in my inventory.

The jackets also come as closed, with shirts, and with a turtleneck top.

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