Jul 27, 2008

What You Been Up To, Sig?

As I've said before, daily posts are the province of the unemployed, the retired, the full-time paid blogger, and the crazy. My real life has been pretty full lately so my second has had to be less extravagant.But I have been doing stuff. I have finished two articles; one for the Metaverse Tribune that launches on 1st August, and a second for FreeLife, the next edition of which is in a few weeks time.

The first was a short interview with Shakti Cianci, lead singer for SpaceJunky, a terrific band whose debut album, Resident Alien, is available via iTunes(R). The second is a look at the designs of Iota Ultsch who owns the women's fashion store, Très Jolie.

I also attended a fashion show organized by Calamity Hathaway of Hathaway's Haute Model Agency (CHM). The show was focused on the creations of fashion designer Aeris Pinazzo, the owner of Mythology, a men's and women's apparel store.

Meanwhile I have shopped at Hoorenbeek, bought new stuff from Muism, and begun blogging for Simone Stern, writing reviews of clothing. So all in all, I have been busy in SL despite the call of the real.

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