Jul 16, 2008

Hang Gliding in Bora Bora

Last night we decided it was time to try on our swimming gear and head for a beach. After all, it is summer in real life so why not go with the seasons? I slipped into my Versace trunks and Mony wore a cute top covered with tiny slices of watermelon, bringing meaning to the phrase "looking good enough to eat.

We have been before and at that time we splashed in a hot tub, did some hang gliding, threw ourselves into a volcano, and finished off taking a shower to wash away the sand and lava. This time we simply went for the hang gliding.

To get there, look for the volcano and fly up to the crater. Avoid the impulse to drop into the magma and look around the edge for a platform. There you'll see the free hang glider. All you have to do it right click it and "sit," then use your keyboard arrow keys to navigate and your PgUp/PgDn to go up and down. When one person has left the platform, a new glider automatically rezzes so you can take a group of friends with you and play "dog fighting" above the sea.

Tragically, my day at the beach ended prematurely when my local ISP developed server problems and the cable network went down. I really wanted to go surfing too!

Bora Bora Slurl: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Bora%20Bora%20Isles/245/81/22/

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