Sep 8, 2008

Art in Autumn Fashion Show

When Calamity Hathaway, owner of Calamity’s Haute Models Agency, sends me an invite to a new show, I say yes. On Sunday September 7th the designs Thera Taurog and Fuscia Jewell were in the spotlight. Thera is the owner of Lady Thera designs and she takes her inspiration from painters such as Monet, Van Gogh and Gustav Moreau. Fuscia is a jewelry designer who owns the real life Petal Meg jewelry company and recreates her work in her Second Life store.

Calamity herself wore a calf-length shimmering creation in autumnal reds and yellows, with splashed of orange and white, called the Giardino after the Van Gogh painting, Giardino Autunnale. At the hems, the dress seems to simply disappear; a characteristic of many of Thera’s designs. The word “diaphanous” comes to mind as ideally suited to describing the dresses.

Model Desiree Lurra glided along the runway in the Tropical Splendor creation. Here again the dress was almost not there and it swung and sashayed as she walked. The bodice was designed to look like the feathers of a bird of paradise sweeping upward with warm reds and yellows interspersed by green, white, and the merest hint of blue. The dress seemed to swirl and spin, changing the colors in a dramatic fashion. For me, the most exciting dress on show.

Perhaps my second favorite was the Canyon View worn by the stunning Valeria Pienaar, a model of exceptional beauty. For this, Thera took her model from the work of a Second Life artist, Blueberry Muliana. The original art work has been used to create the design on the silky fabric and the dress is devilishly sexy – definitely something I would buy for that someone special. Oh, and the matching gloves add a very nice touch to the outfit.

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