Sep 16, 2008

Avenue Models Graduation, Sunday 14th September 2008

Due to the fact that, contrary to rumor, I do have a life, I missed the graduation of the second cohort of AVENUE models. Standing around adding the names of supermodels to my friends list is probably the second most fun thing to do in Second Life. Or third. Well, whatever the ordinal, I was bummed to be unable to attend.

However, you can check out an overview at the AVENUE blog site and then see lots more pictures at their Flickr gallery.

I refuse to do a write up based on the images because I wasn't there and I so have some minimal integrity. Ah well, maybe next time.


Mony said...

Siggs, gotta life! -

Just for the record he means a RL. And he is prepared to back it up with... Whith whats Siggs?

Siggy said...

Well, I went to Pittsburgh, ate Middle eastern food, bought and read some cool books, took my daughter shopping, drank beer, and wrote up an article for SLentrepreneur. So, I think that counts as a life of some sort ;)

Mony said...

Visiting Pittsburgh might count as triple RL points. (Now you have 3 post on your blog!) Yeah! Much better than mines.