Sep 5, 2008

Even More Sig...

And the beat goes on...

The latest edition of SLentrepreneur magazine has a profile of AVENUE Models' owner, Rusch Raymaker, that includes a fabulous (can I use that word without sounding too "fashionista"?) picture of her. Rusch works extremely hard and seems to spend more time in SL than RL - I could be wrong ;)

Meanwhile, over at Castle Keep magazine, their third edition - the September 2008 one - is out and includes a profile of the Koinup social network, with a mention of the Ning network also.

Next up, I think, will be a rather long article in SLentrepreneur probably entitled The 4C's of 3D's: How To Succeed With Virtual Worlds. It's an Op-Ed piece that sets out the four key features needed to create and sustain a virtual environment. There's lots more to say on the subject - in fact, I think there's a book in there somewhere - and I hope to be writing more in the future about each of the four elements in more detail. Keep checking back here.

As a taster of what's to come along these lines, check out an article by Prokofy Neva called The Six Economies of Second Life, and do check the comments to see my take on this.

And for those who are vaguely interested in personalities, Mony and I spent some time together last night, checking out some clothing and sitting at the old Balloon Tour platform in Ambleside. Whatever we "are," she's always going to be special to me and I'm just happy for any time we snatch together. Still.

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