Sep 1, 2008

Hello Herald Readers!

It just struck me that all my posts to the Second Life Herald include a simple click to get here. Folks who do this may be surprised to find that this blog is not a series of political rants, economic treatises, anti-Linden rhetoric, or pungent attacks on the mores and morals of Second Life individuals or groups.

In fact, I like to think of this blog as "the softer side of Sig." Normally I am a skeptically cynical, misanthropic curmudgeonly atheist who loves to wallow in the sheer pointlessly of life and does his very best to keep suicide at bay. After all, if life has no meaning, you either make it up yourself or throw yourself off a cliff and be done with the whole sorry affair.

However, in my less miserable moments, I like to project an image of caring and sharing; of laughter and gaiety; of wit and charm; of gentlemanly demeanor and comradely affability. In short, I want people to love me.

Here's pic from photo-whiz Seikatsu Koba that she did for me some months back. It's my "sensitive" image - Sig deep in thought and musing on some significant life event. It's maybe a tinge narcissistic too.

So, dear Herald reader, the Sig you see here is a different Sig than the one you read in the tabloids. It's a different Sig from the one you will read in SLentrepreneur, or FreeLife magazine, or anywhere else that I ply my trade. The Sig in this blog is closer to the real-life puppeteer who pulls Sig's strings.

But even "he" is different ;)


Seikatsu Koba said...

I just read one of your comments in the Herald, and could not believed what you wrote. I thought 'maybe he has fooled me all this months,' but I'm glad to read that you haven't, and that those comments are another face of you, and which I'm happy to know.

I am pleasantly surprised that you use that photo because that is the Sigmund that I know: a nice, respectful, and caring man.

Siggy said...

Aw Seik, I'm not really a wicked man. The "Herald Sig" is merely an aspect of "Sig" and some of the things I say are said with my tongue stuffed firmly in my cheek.

So what comment did I make? Mmmh, I know I can be a little caustic at times ;)