Sep 29, 2008

I Can't Believe It's Been a Week

My trips into Second Life have been declining. This isn't necessarily a sign of imminent collapse of the Siggy Empire but more a statement of the fact that I've been busy in Real Life. It's also worth remembering that as an SL journalist, I do much of my writing offline, needing only to go online to pick up information. There's a lot you can write about related to Second Life without actually living there full time.

Still, I managed to spend some on Friday night with Mony, when we went to see the "In-Development" sim of Hehehehe Noarlunga, watchmaker extraordinaire and the owner of Britebling watches. He's created a new sim and is gearing things up for Christmas.

The fun items are the snowmobiles! So cool. You can tool around at great speed, tearing up snow-covered slopes and then flying off the hills and glide through the air until hitting the ground. You can also ride two up, which Mony and I did. And I couldn't resist demonstrating one of the features of the snowmobiles - the ejector seat ;)

Hehehehe morphed into his feminine avatar to show me his new work-in-progress; a woman's watch. Very nice. He then showed his other project; the super primmy watch. I call it that because wach link in the strap is a single prim, making for a very high prim item.

We left Hehehehe and made for one of my favorite places: the Star Bar Jazz lounge. The current incarnation is different from the original, where Mony and I used to dance and talk for looong periods of time. So tonight we danced again - just for a short while. Somehow it felt right.

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