Sep 3, 2008

A Day with some Supermodels

The Metaverse Tribune has just published my article on this weekend's AVENUE Model's Academy graduation show. I love these events as I get to wear a suit and just sit back and watch as other people do the work. Music and models - can't be too bad. And if I then do a write up, I get paid.

I interviewed Kinji Lockjaw and Cody Bolero, both of whom seem likable and easy to chat with. In my limited experience as a Second Life writer I've always found that folks are willing to talk to me about themselves. Apart from the guys at [hoorenbeek], who have managed to avoid all attempts to be interviewed, everyone else has been open and happy to talk. But then again, I love to hear peoples' stories. I enjoy writing interviews because I think readers of Second Life publications do like to hear about people.

For more pics, take a look at the Flickr show.

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