Sep 1, 2008

New Month and a New Tag

It's September 1st and I'm agonizing as to whether I need to remove all white items from my wardrobe, only remove white shoes from the wardrobe, or ignore the whole "no white after Labor day" thing altogether in Second Life. Considering how much I love my Redgrave white shoes, my vote is for the latter. I just wanted folks to be aware that I HAVE considered the issue and made a decision. This preempts some Mr. Smartypants coming up to me in-world and saying "Dude, don't you know you don't wear white shoes after Labor Day," whereupon I can point them here and not have to worry about explanations. Besides, I am a Brit by birth and Labor Day is only US holiday and as far as I am aware, the world doesn't have to follow the US rules.

I was also pleasantly surprised last night when I logged on to find an invitation waiting for me to join the Second Life Herald group. I've been writing pieces for my favorite tabloid since my very first article on the opening of a club back on January 22nd. So it has taken a while for me to achieve the hallowed tag of "Herald Reporter."

Now I can choose to frighten children ("Look, mommy, it's a Herald reporter!" "Stay behind me, sweetheart, maybe he'll go away if we just ignore him"), get thrown out of places ("We don't take kindly to your sort around these parts, buddy" - spits on the floor) or even get banned ("Look, Torley, it's a Herald dude - ban him!") simply by right-clicking and switching groups. Oh happy happy joy joy!
Rest assured, though, that I'll still be switching my styles based on what I'm writing and who I'm writing for.

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