Sep 6, 2008

"Just For Him" Fashion Show - With Spectacular Finale

Designer Ralexander Alvord launched his new clothing items at a fashion show in Grand Isles on Saturday 6th, 2008. He owns the Just For Him men's clothing range, a collection inspired very much by real life fashion trends. In fact, you'll see a picture of the actual real life inspiration next to its SL counterpart throughout the store.

What made the event memorable was that right at the very end, the whole sim exploded and everyone was TPed home or offline! As folks slowly re-appeared for the post-show chit chat, rumors were rife of a griefer attack, but I thanked Ralexander for the amazing finale instead. Given the choice between a coordinated griefer attack on a fashion show or a sim crash, somehow the latter seemed much more likely. There may be a secret band of style-hating griefers with the mission to bring down the Second Life fashion industry, but until they reveal themselves and their agenda, I'll suspend judgment and speculation.

Also met up with Andreaus Beck, owner and designer of J's Gemstones in the Insula Inferi North sim. Andreaus also creates custom pieces if you want something special and unique. He's hoping to be having a show within days so I'm planning to get along to see that. He gave me a free piece of jewelry to take some pics of - all I need now is to find a woman to model it for me. Sigh.

So, stop by at the JFH store to check out the offerings. Oh, and the next show will be around Halloween when the Winter Collection could be unveiled. Then call in at J's Gemstones to buy something for that special person in your Second Life.

Just For Him SLurl:

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