Sep 21, 2008

Some fun time with Mony

Yes, I know, the whole Sig and Mony thing is crazy but we hung out this weekend in Mexico City and spent time doing what we used to do a lot of: Talking. It may sound weird but we can talk about anything and it goes on and on. We've invented the "Second Life ten minutes;" it's the period after one of us says "Just 10 more minutes then I have to log off" and it can vary between 20 and 60 real life minutes.

We talked about what could have been, if only I'd used my brain a little more, and ended the night - or morning because it was about 4:00 am for me - still friends and, from my side, still holding on to all the wonderful, special, marvelous, exciting, funny, and romantic things we've done together.

I'm physically (or is that virtually) in-world somewhat less than I used to be, and so is Mony. We both have RL things to do and I do a lot of SL writing and researching while offline. That works out fine for me.

Oh, and Mony dropped by the house to leave me two gifts: some paintings and a bomb. Yeah, I know, who leaves their best friend a painting as a gift? Sheesh! But she noticed I'd rezzed the slow-dance pose balls and wanted to know who had been round. Truth is that I was in the house one night and rezzed them in the faint hope that maybe Mony would appear. Crazy Sig!

I just wonder if we'll ever dance together again?


Mony said...

Hi Siggs Zags,

I been taking a pounding at SL Addiction Blogs, apparently not even confessed addicts and former addicts like me.

Some people seems to have become obsessed about me, as she said, but maybe she meant to tell me I was obsessed, and not obsessive. Who knows.

If they would know how close I am to doping the whole matter and leave each one of them to their own luck.

I will start a blog about Mony, where I can speak about her as I wish and as long as I want and, talk for ours what all that means to me.

There I will be able to say, how lame, addicts that don't dare to step up for themselves appear to me. How easy they find to judge and throw criticism before committing to solutions and taking chances!

I am so hit... and hurt, but well, better my avie and not me!

Siggy said...

We're posting almost in real time. I'm sitting in RL finishing the editing of my local magazine and my e-mail program is pinging as you reply ;)

Why not go back to "Hard on the Deck" and use that. And you of all people should be very aware of how dangerous it is to judge people. Remember, not everyone thinks in the same way you do and don't judge them as "bad" or "lame" just because they are different.