Aug 31, 2008

"Herald" and "Tribune" Publish Sig Stories

It's been a busy weekend though mainly outside of SL. Following the opening of Tammy's Jazz Cafe I submitted the write up to the Metaverse Tribune, where editor Runeswan Ceawlin decided to run it for the Sunday update. Check out Tammy’s Jazz CafĂ© for the full story.

Then during my Saturday morning review of SL news and blogs, I came across a broadcast from WNBC, the New York affiliate for NBC, which thought it had discovered shocking secret - there's sex and violence in Second Life. This was definitely Herald territory so I sent off copy to editor Pixeleen Mistral who ran it today. Take a look at WNBC Scoop: People Are Having Sex In Second Life! for both the article and a video of the transmission.

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