Jan 12, 2009

Another Dormant Second Life Press Organ?

The glossy Second Life-orientated magazine, Altamoda, appears to be taking a rest. The last issue of the Ewing Fashion Agency's glam mag appeared in July 2008, with editor Sienna Fredriksson signing off her editorial with "see you again in one month." She didn't say which month was the one though.

SLNN is still exactly as it was two months ago and no reply has yet arrived from editor, Garret Bakalava. The Metaverse Tribune is still very quiet, with just the automatic feeds changing on a daily basis. I know the Trib is potentially still a player because I was offered the editorship and am still wondering whether or not I can do it. Still, I did get an article in there on January 7th - it just didn't make the front page ;(

The Looking Glass Magazine has now officially gone offline. Only last week I stopped by and it was still accessible, all be it closed, but now you can't even get any of the back articles. I guess I can now take it off my bookmark list.

There's a new fashion mag in the offing - shh, no names no pack drill - and FreeLife goes blog this month. As yet, the final PDF version has not been published, which is a shame because I have an article in their about Alphamale, a copy of which I promised Belle Lefevre; and I hate to break promises.

I'd love to do an annual State of the Press report but methinks that would be tough. On the other hand, maybe some ad hoc pieces here on the blog would be OK. Like this one ;)


Sienna said...

AltaModa will no longer be published unfortunately. Una Ewing has left SL, as she had announced months ago, so Ewing Fashion Agency is not the same without her. Most of us have moved to Focus Fashion Agency now. Just clarifying that as you appear not to know the latest developments - well, not latest exactly, all this took place about 4 months ago. AltaModa will, however, always be in my heart, no matter what has happened.

Sienna Fredriksson

Siggy said...

Ah, sorry to hear that. Things change so quickly in Second Life and the press world is as prone to that as any other. I trust Una is well in real life where, after all, we all have our priorities. And I'm glad that your experience with AltaModa was such a positive one - it's always best to end any project on a high note.

And as you know, keeping track of things is always tricky, hence my being unaware of the changes at Ewing. But good to hear that Focus Fashion is clearly doing well. I guess I should keep my eyes and ears open there now ;)

Thanks for leaving the note!