Jan 1, 2009

Welcome Back Cattiva e Cattivo

One of the first designers I met in Second Life was Lissa Martens. I remember first meeting her in her store, Cattiva e Cattivo, when I was in my early days of shopping for clothes. In fact, one of the first outfits I bought was something called The Englishman, an ensemble of bits and pieces that I could mix and match.

We chatted for a short time but enough to get a sense of her sense of humor. And oh does she have one!

The next time I got a real chance to interact was when she went into business with Simone Stern, another fashion icon in Second Life. Cattiva e Cattivo would be no more and Lissa would be creating new things under the Simone! banner. Interviewing them for FreeLife magazine was like working with a double act. Simone was the straight man and Lissa the comic.

And announced today, Lissa is dissolving the Simone relationship and bringing back Cattiva e Cattivo as her personal flagship. I couldn't resist making a flying visit to see what the place was like. In truth, it hasn't changed ;) We poor guys still have to walk upstairs and currently she is showing her old CeC items and those that she has been selling under the Simone! name.

However, those of you who haven't shopped at Cattiva e Cattivo can now start building up your Lissa Maertens folder. I already have about 1/3 of what she sells and there are some pieces I will be picking up to take me up to the half-way mark. I still wear her Acid Iron jeans as my everyday denims and still love to slip on the Perfectly Pinstriped Light Blue suit whenever I want the smart summery look.

SLurl: Cattiva e Cattivo

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