Jan 10, 2009

Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

I noticed lately that whenever I log on to Second Life, no-one IMs me until I have IMed them. the must see me log on but clearly don't have anything to say to me. What does that tell me?

OK, so if I analyze a little more, I do have IMs waiting from one or two people, but I still feel a little like a ghost. My friend list is, as I have said before, relatively small, but I thought it was selective. However, it turns out that I am deluding myself. My SL footprint is smaller than I trick myself into believing.

Maybe this is not unusual. Maybe the majority of folks in SL wear small shoes. I don't know. I also know that when I click on my Google Alerts for "Second Life," I find many many blogs with no comments - the spectral writings of more virtual world phantoms.

So the question is; should I stay or should I go? If I left, would there be any impact? Sadly, I believe not. Yet if I stay, will there be any impact? Again, I fear not. Perhaps for 99% of people, our Second Life existence "don't amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world."

I need time to think.


Anonymous said...

If you went, you'd be missed, and some of us need to remember to take some "admin days" and call our friends!


Siggy said...

Thanks MTD! I should heed your advice about "admin days" because I am terrible at the "keeping in touch" thing. Since the post, I have been doing some thinking and I believe I know why I am feeling like I do. One is to do with relationship(s) and that's just life; the other is to do with getting back some balance. I actually have a number of opportunities for SL-related media activities, to the point where I have to cut some choices. Ah well, can't be all things to all people I guess.

So, in the immortal words of Fields and Kern:

Nothing's impossible I have found,
For when my chin is on the ground,
I pick myself up,
Dust myself off,
Start all over again.

Seikatsu Koba said...

If you leave, I will miss you.

Sorry I have not kept up, I have not much SL time, and when I log in is to do a job that I have pending, so don't have much time to socialize.

I too have thought of leaving, and wondered if anyone would miss me, my guess is that yes, someone would, the same way I miss some of my friends who have left. Life moves on and people forget. The thing is, if someone has touched your life and you want to stay in touch you can easily do so.

Siggy said...

Hey Seik,

I noticed you have been quiet lately - and by "quiet" I mean not around much in SL or posting to your blogs. But that's not a bad thing if it's because real life is busy! And you are right in that it is easy to stay in touch via e-mail, IM, or whatever your preferred mode of interaction is.

So I'll still be around. I have things to do in SL that I enjoy, even though there are times I feel alone. But then again, that's the human condition, eh?

Mony said...

If you go there will be trouble, if you stay it will be double.

Hey Siggs.... whats your philosophical kool-aid today? That day you offered me this idea, baby RL was striking on me, on my face and I was back on it.

Siggs- what a cry-baby you are, sometimes when u log i try hard not to IM you 1st... so to play hard to catch, some other days I do the same, because I want to see how long you resist of if you still care.

Some other days when you don't IM me 1st I feel lonely, some other, I am busy... some others I think you are busy, some others a you appear you leave, and some others I am bitchy.

On the serious note, SL its a dumb empty thing, many times, no-one cares for the next person, no one writes on blogs, unless of course our friends falls to the drama... er... mmmh....

You once told me this, "more ppl reads you than writes a comment" I bet lots of ppl cares, of you and reads you.

We all care for this SL... and we go a long way... maybe this is a veteran crisis.

When will you have yours?

I would miss you, you know so.