Jan 26, 2009

On The Road In Real Life

I know it's heresy, but for the next few days I'll be logging on to real life for extended periods of time. Of course, I am a little worried that this may lead to something called Real Life Addiction, or RLA as it is known amongst Second Life therapists.

This is a syndrome that is becoming increasingly widespread in Second Life despite the fact the many people want to deny its existence. Seemingly happy avatars are spending more and more time in Real Life, seduced by its false realism and ease of access. Sufferers are choosing to forgo normal things like teleporting to mermaid-infested seas or adding new slaves to their harem, and turning to things like shopping for groceries, eating food, and even having sex using their genitals. Apparently, there is an enormous amount of sex going on in Real Life, some of it too disgusting to contemplate!

You can help.

Talk to your friends and see if they exhibit any of the following behaviors:

1. Do they fail to log in between their local hours of 8:00 am to 5:00 pm? This may be because they have something called "a job," which keeps them away from normal Second Life activity.

2. Do they log off at around their local time of 11:00 pm? This is indicative of their doing something called "sleeping." This is a dangerous condition where they lie down for hours and fall into unconsciousness. They are very vulnerable in this state and could easily be injured.

3. Do the say things like, "I need to log off for an hour but I'll be back." This could be an excuse to "eat," a behavior that involves putting things in their mouths and swallowing. (Note: this is a by-product of the "shopping for groceries: behavior.)

4. Do they say things like "My girlfriend/boyfriend is here" and then poof away. If you cannot see them on your Friends list, it's possible they are having a relationship in Real Life! This is very worrisome because it can lead to sex - and this can become very addictive, leading, in extreme cases, to individuals abandoning Second Life altogether and becoming lost forever.

If you suspect your friend of any of these, please make sure you help them through their crisis. Take them shopping. Go to a club. Offer sex. Buy them a primmy baby. Send them to this blog. Do whatever you have to do in order to bring them back to their senses and focus on unreality.

There's no doubt that a little Real Life can be harmless. After all, it's just a game. The trick is to balance Real Life with Second Life rather than chose one over the other. But just be aware that Real Life is out there; that is can be very seductive; and that you are not alone.

I need to log off for a few hours but I will be back.


Seikatsu Koba said...

Last October 2008, I was kidnapped by a RL guerrilla group. They made my life hell. I had to eat at "appropriate hours;" I had to sleep at "appropriate hours," and they made me sleep 8 hours. This group told me that my hair is black not blue, something I still don't believe. They also told me that I have a RL family. They took me to see this RL family, and even though I didn't recognize any of them, it felt nice to hug them and kiss them - I must admit that was nice.

Do you know that in RL you can't control the weather? If it is night is night, and that's it! If it's raining is raining, and you can't change that.

I have experience all the signs and symptoms you described, and my best friend Gina went through a serious RL addiction, but the good thing is that we made it out; we survived RL. And we have been able to bring RL into our SL and enjoy both. We found things we like to do in both lives.

If you are in RL, and need a hand to pull you out of that place, my hand is extended ready to help you. I’m sure you have many friends whom you can share and enjoy a valuable SL.

Siggy said...

Seik, I feel your pain! What a terrible experience. I'm glad you and Gina survived the horrors of RL and that you're happily back in unreality.