Jan 5, 2009

Who Do I Have To Fuck?

After a year of blogging, the number of people who actually read my stuff appears to be so small that there is talk of a new word being used in Physics - the Sig, which is defined as "a number so small that current technology has no way of measuring it, and which makes zero fucking huge."

Of course, I'm willing to accept that what I write is crap and unreadable, but then again so is 99% of what passes for blogging. It may also be that I am tragically useless as self promotion, missing all the important parties and not shouting load enough to tell folks how truly wonderful I am. Or maybe it is the opposite - people don't like me because I tell them how truly wonderful I am.

What to do, what to do.

I know that I don't have a blog roll. This seems to be the usual way of cross promoting; a mutual appreciation society whereby I scratch your blog, you scratch mine. But then nobody - and I can quantify the "nobody" as being at least 3 sigs - has every asked me to do any cross-linking, so I can only assume that (a) no-one is reading, or (b) nobody is interested.

That said, should I stop the blog? After all, if I spent the time I blog freely writing things I get paid for (thank you, at least, to all of you who hand over lindens for my efforts!) then I'd at least have more money, even if I have no blog readers.

I will go on the promotion offensive. This does NOT include taking my clothes of for the Herald, taking up escorting, or becoming a male model - although the later does appeal to my shallow ego. No, I'll just work a little harder at convincing people that I can... well, do something that is interesting!

Oh, and the other possibility: shorter but more frequent blogs. Some bloggers write maybe a couple of lines, toss in a picture, and call it a blog. they do that five times in a day and folks seem to love it. Must be something to do with short attention spans.

On that basis, this blog is too long. It's over. Move on to my next one - please!


skoshi said...

perhaps the question to ask is "why am I blogging?". do you want to chew gum and have people notice, or change the world?

without some "passion" all the various efforts of self-promotion are empty and uninteresting to produce, let alone watch.

you asked.

bonus question: "why am I in second life?"

Siggy said...

Spot on, skoshi! I blog because I want to blog, and I will probably go on doing it simply for that reason. In a sense, I guess I am blogging for myself - nothing more than an online set of thoughts and comments, which at one time would have been confined to a tatty notebook stuffed under my mattress.

Oddly enough, two days ago in my blog I did ask the question "Why am I in Second Life?" Although I make enough money to break even and have extra to support my book-buying habit, there's still a sense of uncertainty about what I am doing and why.

On the up side, philosophers have been asking the questions "Why am I here?" and "What is is all for?" for thousands of years, and smarter guys than me still have no answer ;)