Jan 29, 2009

Life On Line Goes Live: Virtual TV for the Virtual World

Social networks, games, shopping, dating, music, news and much more. Life On Line, a TV show about internet living.

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Starting February 15th 2008, this TV talk show is about how we spend our lives online - how we stay in touch, how we work and play, how we are entertained and informed. Life On Line visits virtual worlds and social networks. We showcase exciting new talent in music, movies and literature.

LOL is the brainchild of journalist Steve Cropper. According to Steve, Life On Line "seeks to go deeper into how people use their online time for news and entertainment, creativity, love, friendship, business, shopping, work or any other reason. We also scan the internet for emerging new talent - musicians, movie makers, writers, bloggers - anyone who is contributing to the richness of digital life."

And starting today, you can watch Life On Line from this site, simply by clicking the video box to the left of this article.

Here's the team that brings you Life On Line:

Host - Steve Cropper
Music - Space Junky
News - Sigmund Leominster
Social Networks - Andrew Peters
'Shrink' - Dr Roman Candle
Voice - Kayden O'Connell

The news slot is a summary of more detailed items that can be found at my SL on VL site. Here you can read the news in detail, find links to source material, and check out other virtual world news.

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