Jan 6, 2009

New Blazer and Scarf

I wanted a new striped blazer, preferably in red and green narrow stripes, or possible yellow and black. I stopped off at Emery and found no such blazer but I did find a great yellow plaid scarf.

I went to Xtreet SL online to find a blazer - the Vintage Tennis Blazer by Young Urban. It isn't ideal - there could be more stripes, particularly on the arms - and I'm not over-thrilled by the hem, which would have been better as a skirt perhaps. However, the built-in shirt and tie is nice, with the tie being a classic club stripe.

So here I am looking as if I'm about to step onboard my yacht. Except that I don't have one and I'm not really a sailing type, RL or SL. Still, I like it overall.

Pants and shoes are Redgrave - art by J.W. Waterhouse. If you ever want to see my art collection, just ask.

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