Jan 5, 2009

"Straight Talk from SL"

Yesterday I had a chat with my friend MTD1952 Timeless. He's one of the many stylish gay guys in Second Life. In fact, my guess is that the majority of fashion-orientated guys in Second Life are gay. And if this is the case, then I have a niche - the Straight Male Fashionista!

MTD writes for Ammon Pera's InV Daily, a lifestyle blog that is read by many. He suggested I contact Ammon to sign up as a writer. Mmmh. Recognizing that InV is gay-orientated, I proferred the column title, Straight Talk from SL, which clearly plays on the "straightness" angle and has the bi-readable "SL" for Second Life and Sigmund Leominster.

So, keep an eye on InV to see if I appear at some point.

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