Aug 24, 2008

Another Cool SpaceJunky Track

By way of a disclaimer, I am not on the SpaceJunky payroll nor do I get free stuff other than whatever everyone else does. But here's a band that is currently making me very happy with their music. This video for Killer Coat is perhaps the most "pop" sound I have heard so far complete with a hook and a wicked sense of humor. And for what it's worth, an extended mix could be amazing - Acid moshers take note!

The keyboard break in the middle is recognizably SpaceJunky - and it surprises me that I am beginning to sense a "sound" to the band. Hats off to Stretch Mayo for the video production - so slick. And I just LOVE the facial expression when the coat is found to be sold!!

As an aside, I reached into my treasured collection of LP's (those round plastic things with grooves in them that people used to buy for music) and took out Steve Hillage's L album and Live Herald. SpaceJunky fans who have not heard the Hill-meister might want to take a trip to planet iTunes and catch a sneak preview of some of his stuff. Sure it's old(ish) but if he were touring, I think SpaceJunky could easily be on the bill.


Mony said...

Hey Siggy-

A great drawback form this band its that, it was quite clear than in their Live-Show perfomances they like to use "play-back" on an apparently Live concert :(

What a let down! I wish they would read your blog.

Maybe due to the fact that this is a RL band, and maybe to play live its just too much effort for them.

Perhaps they could let ppl know they use play back on their concerts and just like to juice it up with their Live comments and interactions with the public. I guess that is fair and makes it square for everyone.

KevinMThomas might not be as cool as this band, but he always performs Live on SL.

Siggy said...

My guess is there are challenges with being truly live for this band. First, they all live in different time zones - USA, Australia, and Malaysia (I think). So time will be an issue. Second mixing all their instruments via different servers and with different equipment would also be hard.

So streaming their recorded stuff live probably makes sense. Kevin as the advantage of being just himself and one time zone.

But hey! Seeing as I rarely go to ANY concerts in SL because my computer is so old and slow, what do I know? I prefer to download an SL performer's music to my iPod and listen whenever I have time.