Aug 26, 2008

Can We Still Be Friends...

A little pain is not a bad thing. I am scared about writing how I feel. I guess we all are. But it helps me. It's hard when things change, and in Second Life, things change faster than in Real Life. You can flip from one state of being to another in a matter of days - or even minutes. That's just the way it is and neither hoping nor wishing will make any difference.

A little pain is also good for the soul. Even for atheists. The trick, so I hear, is to use the pain to learn a lesson. So I'm going to do that. It doesn't help when the pain is somewhat self inflicted as a result of a situation that was always a little risky. No pain, no gain.

But the pain that follows pleasure can sometimes remind you just how good things were. The fear of possible future suffering shouldn't stop you from seizing the opportunity for moments of happiness. If you want to avoid pain, simply do nothing and risk nothing. That'll keep away the heartache but also the wonderful experience of sharing something really really special.

Todd Rundgren's "Can We Still Be Friends?" is the most bittersweet song I know. It's a favorite but then I am, as was pointed out to me, rather dramatic. But I hope it's true. I hope it's possible to keep a special friendship with someone who has been, and still is, a rock.

I regret nothing. I hurt a little. But I know our change in relationship is ultimately going to be a good thing. It was never really supposed to go as far as it did and so we really do need to step back and readjust. Find a new balance. I'm OK with that.

Just remember: A little pain is not a bad thing.

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Seikatsu Koba said...

/me holds both your hands

I can feel your pain; I have been in a similar situation. I wish I could say more to you, my words fail me.

/me hugs you