Aug 10, 2008

Californian Days

I'm terrible at taking time off. Just terrible. I have to be forced to do it. So on 10th August I did the unthinkable and left for a four-day trip to California with my RL wife. It was our wedding anniversary so that helped me focus.

We left early Sunday morning and by noon PST we were sitting outside Joe's Crab Shack in Redondo Beach drinking Modelo beer and eating seafood. I'd picked up a rental car at LAX and so we had all day to cruise down to the hotel in Anaheim.

After a leisurely afternoon, I drove along the Pacific Coast Highway and ended up at the Hotel Ménage close to Disney. The high-ceilinged roof and hardwood floors made it look and feel cool, helped by the efficient AC system, of course.

Within minutes, we'd found the bar close by the pool and I treated myself to more beer and a fresh mojito, ice cold and positively brimming with mint. A wonderful end to a laid-back day.

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