Aug 28, 2008

Procrastination isn't just a long word...

Damn me! I missed a publication date and now have an article on my hard drive with no place to go. Grrrr! Usually I am ahead of the game and able to produce good copy on time and on topic. This week I messed up and lost an opportunity to rack up a higher score on the Googleometer. If I could kick my own butt I'd do it.

The article is a piece on the excellent clothes designed by Wavie Haller of Valiant men's clothing. I mentioned Wavie a few weeks back and that's when I started the article - or at least when I added the article to my "prospects" list. My plan - and I do have one - was to complete two others first and then move on to this. Sadly I procrastinated a little too long and ended up passed the deadline.

I am so mad with myself on this. The fact that I lose a paycheck is irritating enough but so far I've been able to deliver product in a timely fashion and this slip bugs the hell out of me. Of course, the lost check is one of the down-sides of being a freelancer instead of a staffer - no article, no pay. And with no boss to breathe down my neck, it's up to me to impose self-discipline.

So I will lick my wounds and start work this evening on TWO more articles to make up for my error. Painful - but I have to be hard on myself ;)


Anonymous said...

I've been missing a few deadlines myself lately. Thanks for dropping by my blog.

Siggy said...

There's a long(er) weekend on the way so I'm hoping to get up to date with the articles. Tomorrow I'm covering the Avenue Models' graduation event for the Metaverse Tribune so I have to hang out with lots of models and talk to them. Sheesh, who'd want to be a journalist ;)