Aug 27, 2008

ARTist's Park Grand Re-Opening

I'm not really an artsy type. Honest. Apart from Ovid, Dante, Milton, Coleridge, Tennyson, and Keats - no, not a law firm from LA - I usually find poetry uninteresting. In fact, my article for the Second Life Herald, Slouching Toward Bethlehem, pretty much sets out my stall. With paintings, I wallow too much in the 19th century with the Romantics and Neoclassicists.

So my recent forays into the world of Second Life visual arts have been an education. I actually bought two amazing photos by Seikatsu Koba and Gina Glimmer, both of whom I met via my working on the staff of SLentrepreneur magazine. At their Visions of Japan exhibition I bought a picture from each of them and added them to my new art wall. On top of the house. I intend to use the roof for more modern art, leaving my precious 19th century stuff downstairs in the main room.

Then last weekend I went to the ARTist's Park Grand Re-Opening in the Mystary sim. Wilder PR did a great write up of the event, made all the more entertaining by the fact I get a mention! Thank you, Annette, you are too kind! And it was there that I realized I am riding the wrong art train. One painting there was on sale for $10,000 linden. That's ten thousand in words. I have to write about 10 articles to get that. I'm sure the artist spent a considerable amount of time on the piece, but I was suffering from sticker shock.

All the more reason for me to continue my one-man stand to make sure that I get paid for writing. My blogs are free, my letters are free, but once you get past 200 words I need lindens. Some blogs and papers in the SL world are happy to print your stuff but see it as an "opportunity" for the writer to get "exposure." That means "we don't pay." Hey, that's OK because I don't write!!

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