Aug 1, 2008

Wilder's Angels

OK, so a journalist is supposed to be nobody's friend and he, or she, should be objective, independent, and incorruptible, standing apart from the world and simply reporting the facts. Well, I guess that's one definition :)

So with my "friend" hat on, I really have to share the latest pic sent to me by the PR queens at Wilder PR. With the core team now consisting of Annette Wilder, Bibe Mayo, and Mahala Bing, I found it real hard not to refer to them as "Wilder's Angels," and this most recent photo (courtesy of Ludwig Prinz) only serves to reinforce that cultural meme.

And for those curious about my objectivity - and I am happy to have a long discussion as to why I think being anyone who claims to be "objective" is, at best, being disingenuous - the only thing I get from my mentioning of Wilder PR are press releases, news tips, and friendship. I'm not on payroll and just think they do good work. OK?

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