Aug 6, 2008

Canadian night out - at a Polish restaurant

There was a mild drizzle this evening as we made out way downtown on a busy Wednesday night. Apparently there was to be a fireworks contest at 10:00 pm by the docks, but I was more concerned with food than pyrotechnics. At the recommendation of one of our party, we went to the Stash Cafe on Rue de St. Jaques.

The place was busy. It seems it was the owner's birthday and so most of the restaurant staff were out celebrating. So with maybe three wait staff and who knows how few in the kitchen, our party of ten became two parties of five and after a 15-minutes wait we were ready to go.

Fortunately, the menu has some fixed options, and I chose the Primer - a selection of Polish favorites that started with hot borscht and ended with an apple fritter with creme fraise. In between these was a salad with a "secret home-made recipe" that clearly contained mustard, and a plate of bigos, krokiety, placki and mixed pierogis.

As is my custom, I finished off with a cappuccino, sprinkled with both cinnamon AND chocolate. What the hell, it was my last night!

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