Aug 13, 2008

California Mission

We left for Riverside at around lunch time after breakfast in the K'Ya restaurant. My wife had no clue where we were heading but I'd booked a special deal for a night at the historical Mission Inn. I'd been there once before for dinner with a friend but didn't stay. I decided even then that I'd come back for a night.

Our suite was on the second floor with a view from the balcony into the courtyard. The architecture of the Inn is breathtaking and is a fusion of cultures, but predominantly Spanish.

I'd arranged for champagne and chocolate-coated strawberries to be delivered to the room about an hour after our arrival. That ensured we had time to shower and lounge around in soft hotel bathrobes.

That night we dined at the hotel's premiere restaurant, Duane's, where we ate glorious steak and drank wonderful Californian Merlot. As always, I ended with a cappuccino that served to fortify me before the arrival of the check. Let's just say that we probably paid almost as much for that one meal as we did for all the others combined. On the other hand, sometimes you have to remember that one day you will be dead and opportunities have to be taken whenever they are presented. Carpe diem indeed.

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